Keeping you productive at work

Prevention and Employer Services
LCP has extensive experience providing ergonomic consulting in a wide variety of settings, industrial and office based.

Ergonomic Workshops
Training workshops are tailored to the clients' needs and provide workers with the knowledge to change their working habits and their work environment (i.e. reposition their tools, furniture, and equipment) to reduce stress on their bodies and reduce risks of injury.

Workshops include:

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  • Manual Material Handling

Ergonomic Assessments
Individualized assessments are available which provide an in-depth, expert consideration of the worker, in terms of their work demands, workstation, existing work or non-work related pathology as well as individualized anthropometric considerations.

Ergonomic assessments are provided for both office and Industrial settings.

Building and Tenant Modifications Plans
LCP applies ergonomic principles to initial stages of building construction to ensure that accessibility, furniture, fittings, and distractions are taken into consideration during the design stages, thus reducing costs later down the road.

In addition, adaptive equipment and home modifications are made to ensure safety at home following hospital discharge and/or need for barrier free design.

Aging Workforce
Check out the Aging Workforce article and get some ideas as how to make accommodations for aging workforces.

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